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Welcome to Al Asr

Welcome to Al-Asr School System

Our Mission

Developing individuals who are excellent, holistic, creative, effective, morally upright, and capable individuals of leading the nation in various fields towards building an excellent generation based on total submission to Allah swt

Our Vision

To develop a Muslim generation capable of analytical and critical thinking who become Muslims by conviction and who will strive to fulfill their role as Allah's vicegerent on earth.

Our Philosophy

“Where Education is aimed at a balanced growth of personality through training (tarbiyyah) of the spirit, the intellect, the emotions and the physical willingly and joyfully for the sake of Allah swt.”

Our Leadership

Chairman's Message

Chairman Russal Khan Baber

On behalf of all Al-Asr Team members I warmly welcome you at Al-Asr School System. We are passionate about offering children an exciting, stimulating and rich curriculum, based on real reasons for learning in a safe, conducive and child friendly environment.

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MD's Message

Managing Director - Nadeem Al Huda Bhatti

Every child is unique and has supreme potential that can be realized with the continuous effort by the school and teachers. The inner confidence in a child needs to be built one step at a time. That’s what Al-Asr School System is all about.

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Joining our network as franchisee is better suited for people who are: running schools, tuition centres, are in-service or retired school teachers, retired civil military officers, expatriate Pakistani's willing to invest in a worthy long-term venture, and property owners looking for a worthy business opportunity.

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Al Asr School System was launched in 2014 and today there are over 20+ branches across Pakistan. The curriculum is based on active forms of learning, on stimulating a curious mind, on discovering, and learning is experiential (learning-by-doing) rather than learning that is based exclusively on books.

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We endeavor to ensure that all the various elements necessary for a well-rounded education and opportunities to excel are within reach of students. Al asr School System provides an environment that encourages learning and facilities to enhance and support students’ education.

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Why Al Asr

Why Al - Asr

In order to ensure excellence in teaching and learning process. We have focused on the following key areas of quality education at Al-Asr Schools

Individual attention and personalized lesson plans

Highly trained and qualified teaching staff

Progress assessment of each student at regular intervals throughout the year

Up to date and modern facilities

Learning conducive and a nurturing environment

Field trips, community involvement projects and other educational activities

Six Key Areas of Learning

Set out in the Al-Asr school system’s Curriculum are the six areas of your child's personal development and learning as follows

Personal, Social and Emotional development

Communication skills through Language and Literacy exercises

Mathematical and logical development to ensure rational upbringing

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Physical development through co-curricular and extracurricular activities

Creativity development through art & Craft activities

Objectives of Learning at Al Asr Schools

The objectives of Education at Al-Asr Schools

To be able to express himself clearly, in speech or in writing, in the language or languages of the people with whom he will work

To have a body that is healthy, strong and vigorous and to know how to look after it

To have developed a sensitiveness to beauty and a taste and feeling that will strike to eradicate ugliness from his surroundings

To have a reasonably wide general knowledge of important facts about the world in which we live

To be able to distinguish between good and evil

To form the habit of choosing good rather than evil

To have his brain trained to think logically

To be a good Muslim

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